composition marine by raoul dufy

Raoul Dufy

Composition marine, 1935

villas et tentes by maurice brianchon

Maurice Brianchon

Villas et Tentes

etude florale by maximilien luce

Maximilien Luce

Etude Florale

jeune fille à genoux by baltasar lobo

Baltasar Lobo

Jeune fille à genoux, 1968–1982

femme debout by aristide maillol

Aristide Maillol

Femme debout

paysannes à la besace by georges rouault

Georges Rouault

Paysannes à la besace, ca. 1910–1919

brooke hopper by david hockney

David Hockney

Brooke Hopper, 1976

untitled by kenneth armitage

Kenneth Armitage

Untitled, 1957

head iv 08 by shani rhys james

Shani Rhys James

Head IV 08, 2008

newton oak vi by geoff uglow

Geoff Uglow

Newton Oak VI, 2012

portrait of jac in winter coat by paul richards

Paul Richards

Portrait of Jac in winter coat, 2003

reclining figure by henry moore

Henry Moore

Reclining Figure, 1975

elegante by henri somm

Henri Somm


mother and child by baltasar lobo

Baltasar Lobo

Mother and Child, 1980

les travaux des champs, eté, by albert andré

Albert André

Les travaux des champs, Eté,, 1958

three red birds by paul richards

Paul Richards

Three Red Birds, 2010