ivy and leaves, hawaii by brett weston

Brett Weston

Ivy and Leaves, Hawaii

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fur by inez van lamsweerde

Inez van Lamsweerde

Fur, 1994

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blautopf, landscape by wolfgang tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans

Blautopf, Landscape, 2001


rock of ages #4, abandoned section, adam-pirie quarry, barre, vermont by edward burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky

Rock of Ages #4, Abandoned Section, Adam-Pirie Quarry, Barre, Vermont, 1991


pink ballerina by laurie simmons

Laurie Simmons

Pink Ballerina, 1983

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salton sea (with campers) by richard misrach

Richard Misrach

Salton Sea (with campers), 1984

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romance of ambrose bierce #3 (from center for photographic studies, portfolio 3) by ralph eugene meatyard

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Romance of Ambrose Bierce #3 (From Center for Photographic Studies, Portfolio 3), 1964

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terminal mirage #828-9 by david maisel

David Maisel

Terminal Mirage #828-9, 2004


untitled (cheerleading #13) by brian finke

Brian Finke

Untitled (Cheerleading #13), 2002

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portfolio of ten dye transfer prints by harold eugene edgerton

Harold Eugene Edgerton

Portfolio of ten dye transfer prints


die befreiung der finger (liberation of the fingers) by dieter appelt

Dieter Appelt

Die Befreiung der Finger (Liberation of the Fingers), 1979

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cookie in tin pan alley, new york city by nan goldin

Nan Goldin

Cookie in Tin Pan Alley, New York City, 1983


orpheus and eros by george platt lynes

George Platt Lynes

Orpheus and Eros, 1936

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jack and lynn johnson, oklahoma city (from "teenage lust") by larry clark

Larry Clark

Jack and Lynn Johnson, Oklahoma City (from "Teenage Lust")

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