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Sibylle Peretti: I Search in Snow

Sibylle Peretti: I Search in Snow

to know a hawk by sibylle peretti

Sibylle Peretti

To Know a Hawk

laying on silver by sibylle peretti

Sibylle Peretti

Laying on Silver

Thursday, April 3, 2014Saturday, May 31, 2014

518 Julia St.
New Orleans, LA USA

Sibylle Peretti
April 3rd through May 31st, 2014
Artist’s Reception: Saturday, April 5th 6 – 9 PM

There is a hushed, hovering moment when winter snows begin to thaw and the promise of new life emerges. This is the feeling artist Sibylle Peretti captures in I Search in Snow, an extraordinary suite of glass sculptures and mixed-media works themed around the fragile purity of childhood and our relationship to the natural world. The children Peretti depicts are poised at the cusp of change, suspended at a magical halfway-point between vulnerability and strength. Her exhibition at Callan Contemporary includes figurative sculptures made of cast and kiln formed glass; collaged works on paper; and groupings of opaline “milk-glass” tableaux whose intricate silvering and relief evoke bubbles, dewdrops, or abstracted lines of communication. The works’ immaculate,pristine quality is heightened by a predominantly white palette. “The white color of snow,” Peretti notes, “creates a sense of peace, vulnerability, softness, and subtle depth.” In some passages, white is offset by sumptuous magenta, evoking patches of berries sprouting through ice-covered earth.

Peretti grew up in Bavaria, Germany, in a family that was active in the region’s glass-making community. After training as a glass designer at the State School for Glassmaking in Zwiesel, she earned a masters-of-fine-art degree in painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cologne. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, NY), Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, PA), Museum of American Glass (Milleville, NJ), Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada), Museum für Kunsthandwerk (Frankfurt, Germany), Hunter Museum (Chattanooga TN), Speed Museum (Louisville,KY), and 21c Museum (Louisville, KY), as well as in important corporate and private collections around the world.

The time-intensive and painstakingly detailed works in I Search in Snow reveal traces of life and stillness, allowing us to examine the breath that lies beneath the surface. In one piece, hawks watch protectively over a sleeping girl. In another, a hawk gazes at its reflection in a silvered dome. Like the hawk peering into its reflected eyes, viewers may see parts of themselves in Peretti’s enigmatic vignettes. In the faces of the children, we may see our dialogue with the grandeur and precariousness of nature; in the hawk, we may sense the presence of those who shield us from harm. With their exquisite technique and dream-like, visionary beauty, these works engage the imagination, transporting us to worlds that are both faraway and familiar.

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