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Looking Glass: Recent Paintings by David Bromley

Looking Glass: Recent Paintings by David Bromley

best friends 1 by david bromley

David Bromley

Best Friends 1

butterflies 1 by david bromley

David Bromley

Butterflies 1

Thursday, September 1, 2011Friday, September 30, 2011

San Francisco, CA USA

San Francisco, CA – David Bromley’s premier San Francisco exhibition will be on view at Caldwell Snyder Gallery. Born in Sheffield, England in 1960, David Bromley immigrated to Australia at the age of four. The self-taught artist became recognized in his early twenties exhibiting throughout Australia. Since then, he has emerged as one of the most recognizable and innovative painters in Australia. Bromley often surprises viewers with his dual artistic sensibilities. His influences although rooted in 50’s culture- are as distinct as his styles.

Primarily a figurative painter, Bromley explores two distinct themes- images of children and the female nude. His youthful explorations can be traced to 1950’s children’s book illustrations. These works pointedly explore the innocence of youth and the world of a child- full of adventure, exploration and imagination. Bromley infuses these colorful works with his painterly style and unexpected metallic backdrops in gold and silver leaf. An avid collector of vintage objects, Bromley’s studio is a treasure trove of inspiration for the nostalgic imagery he employs.

Bromley’s admiration for Pop art has played a significant role in shaping his work. He credits Warhol as an early influence demonstrated in his reductive colors, graphic style and the simplified forms of his nudes. His stunning nudes are often accompanied by floating flowers or butterflies alluding to fertility and beauty. In an unconventional gesture, Bromley rolls stripes of paint through the figures - infusing an unexpected abstract layer to these intriguing forms.

Over the past 20 years Bromley’s work has fostered widespread acclaim and notoriety in Australia. He’s gained international attention in the past 10 years exhibiting on nearly every continent including Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Bromley’s work maintains an international appeal, tapping into the collective memory of youth and the wonder of human existence.,p. “I find my imagery poignant in so many ways and a wonderful vehicle for telling tales of what it is to be alive and to be on a journey that is our life”.