Bruce Palmer Galleries

resting clown by philippe alfieri

Philippe Alfieri

Resting Clown, ca. 1940

5,500 USD

dust storm—lake harry station by william leonard lloyd annois

William Leonard Lloyd Annois

Dust Storm—Lake Harry Station, ca. 1950

4,000 USD

chart (with detail) by art & language

Art & Language

Chart (with detail), 1972

Price on Request

king of the corn by jozef gabryel bakos

Jozef Gabryel Bakos

King of the Corn, ca. 1950

15,000–25,000 USD

china spring #3 by walter darby bannard

Walter Darby Bannard

China Spring #3, 1969

Price on Request

la plage by ida barbarigo

Ida Barbarigo

La Plage, 1986

Price on Request

untitled landscape by janice biala

Janice Biala

Untitled Landscape, 1958

7,000 USD

leaping man in fiery landscape by peter booth

Peter Booth

Leaping Man in Fiery Landscape, 1984

4,500 USD

beach frolic by claude marie madeleine bouscharain

Claude Marie Madeleine Bouscharain

Beach Frolic, ca. 1955

Price on Request

stage show by claude marie madeleine bouscharain

Claude Marie Madeleine Bouscharain

Stage Show, ca. 1950

Price on Request

dune shadows by rex brandt

Rex Brandt

Dune Shadows, ca. 1955

Price on Request

east river light structure by sylvia carewe

Sylvia Carewe

East River Light Structure, 1955

10,000–15,000 USD

the principal of balance by louis catusco

Louis Catusco

The Principal of Balance, 1968

Price on Request

untitled (mist) by louisa chase

Louisa Chase

Untitled (Mist), 1982

Price on Request

cotton club (dancer) by miguel covarrubias

Miguel Covarrubias

Cotton Club (Dancer), ca. 1925–1930

8,000 USD

little girl by juan deprèy

Juan Deprèy

Little Girl, ca. 1950

5,000 USD