Bruce Palmer Galleries

untitled by bruno pulga

Bruno Pulga

Untitled, 1955

leaping man in fiery landscape by peter booth

Peter Booth

Leaping Man in Fiery Landscape, 1984

new squadron by frank tinsley

Frank Tinsley

New Squadron, 1933

flamenco dancer #3 by manolo pascual

Manolo Pascual

Flamenco Dancer #3, ca. 1964

flower baby by werner drewes

Werner Drewes

Flower Baby, ca. 1925

seimei no. 2 by taisuke hamada

Taisuke Hamada

Seimei No. 2, 1959

hills of muro lucano (italy) by joseph stella

Joseph Stella

Hills of Muro Lucano (Italy)

figure in gray by paolo vallorz

Paolo Vallorz

Figure in Gray, ca. 1960

dune shadows by rex brandt

Rex Brandt

Dune Shadows, ca. 1955

untitled by ben johnson

Ben Johnson

Untitled, 1959

little girl by juan deprèy

Juan Deprèy

Little Girl, ca. 1950

untitled by ezio martinelli

Ezio Martinelli

Untitled, 1942

king of the corn by jozef gabryel bakos

Jozef Gabryel Bakos

King of the Corn, ca. 1950

boaters by lucio ranucci

Lucio Ranucci

Boaters, 1972