Lise Sarfati 'She'

Lise Sarfati 'She'

she, christine #25, hollywood, ca by lise sarfati

Lise Sarfati

She, Christine #25, Hollywood, CA, 2005

she, sloane #06, oakland, ca by lise sarfati

Lise Sarfati

She, Sloane #06, Oakland, CA, 2005

gina #24, oakland, ca by lise sarfati

Lise Sarfati

Gina #24, Oakland, CA, 2007

Friday, February 3, 2012Saturday, March 17, 2012

London, United Kingdom

Lise Sarfati 'She'

Exhibition: 3 February - 17 March 2012
Private View: Thursday 2, February 2012, 7 - 9 pm

Brancolini Grimaldi announces a new exhibition, She, by leading French photographer Lise Sarfati.

Lise Sarfati's series 'She', made between 2005 and 2009, features four American women- two sisters, Sloane and Sasha, their mother Christine and her sister Gina. Sarfati has photographed them separately in various settings from the interiors of Victorian houses to outside on the street. Sometimes wearing wigs or make up, it is hard to distinguish the pairs of sisters from each other and there is a sense that their identity is fluid, almost interchangeable. Their expressions are often inscrutable though each photograph is filled with psychological intensity and often melancholia too. The project took four years to complete, but time is compressed, years are mixed up so in the end, the individual images of these four women make up one story.

Sarfati has said about this work, "I like doubles, like mothers and daughters, or sisters or reflections. This represents my research into women's identity...I am interested in fixing that instability."

Sarfati's pictures, respectful and noninvasive, of these women and what they invisibly share are an imaginative meditation not only on who they are, but also on who we are - beyond what we look like and what we wear - what we bring to life and what we might expect of it."

Sandra S. Phillips, Senior Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

She, a monograph published by Twin Palms with a text by Quentin Bajac, will be released in Spring 2012.