Boreas Fine Art

1¢ life by andy warhol

Andy Warhol

1¢ Life, 1964

shelter-sketch-book by henry moore

Henry Moore

Shelter-Sketch-Book, 1967

tres poemas / three poems by robert motherwell

Robert Motherwell

Tres Poemas / Three Poems, 1988

poèmes de charles d’orléans by henri matisse

Henri Matisse

Poèmes de Charles d’Orléans, 1950

menthol wars / menthol pictures / war pictures by richard prince

Richard Prince

Menthol Wars / Menthol Pictures / War Pictures, 1980

inside world by richard prince

Richard Prince

Inside World, 1989

plant drawings by ellsworth kelly

Ellsworth Kelly

Plant Drawings, 1992

foirades / fizzles by jasper johns

Jasper Johns

Foirades / Fizzles, 1976

le musée de l’homme suivi de pêche au soleil levant by max ernst

Max Ernst

Le Musée de l’Homme suivi de Pêche au Soleil Levant, 1965

the apocalypse: the revelation of st. john the devine by jim dine

Jim Dine

The Apocalypse: The Revelation of St. John the Devine, 1982

every building on the sunset strip by ed ruscha

Ed Ruscha

Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966

china diary by david hockney

David Hockney

China Diary, 1982

the mexican portfolio by paul strand

Paul Strand

The Mexican Portfolio, 1940

taos pueblo by ansel adams

Ansel Adams

Taos Pueblo, 1930