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Henry Inman

(American, 1801–1846)

the children of henry livingston by henry inman

Henry Inman

The Children of Henry Livingston, 1827

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Born in Utica, New York
1826 - 1828
Worked in partnership with his pupil Thomas Cummings
Established his own studio in New York City
Moved briefly from New York to Philadelphia where he was a partner in a lithography firm.
Inman had failing health
Died shortly after a visit to England, and shortly after an exhibition was held in New York to raise money for his impoverished family.
Became the first vice-president of the National Academy of Design
Was a noted chronicler of the history of the West without having been there
Most of his short life was spent in New York City
Thomas L. McKenney, a newspaper editor who was compiling a history of North American Indian tribes, hired Inman to make careful copies of Indian portraits, most of them originally by Charles Bird King.