le passage du gue / the crossing of the ford by eugène verboeckhoven

Eugène Verboeckhoven

Le Passage du gue / The crossing of the ford, 1850

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le temoin de l'amour / witnessing love by henri langerock

Henri Langerock

Le Temoin de l'amour / Witnessing Love

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l'ecole coranique / the koranic school by gaspard joseph pit jules starck

Gaspard Joseph Pit Jules Starck

L'ecole coranique / The Koranic School

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spring bouquet / bouquet printanier by petronella woensel

Petronella Woensel

Spring Bouquet / Bouquet Printanier, 1839

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la fontaine / the fountain by léon augustin l'hermitte

Léon Augustin L'Hermitte

La Fontaine / The Fountain, 1925

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the rock by hans boesche

Hans Boesche

The Rock

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sarah bernhardt by marie besson

Marie Besson

Sarah Bernhardt

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official parade to the paris world art fair by edmond georges grandjean

Edmond Georges Grandjean

Official Parade to the Paris World Art Fair , 1878

the harbour of aberdeen, scotland by david james

David James


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the resemblance by guillaume van strydonck

Guillaume van Strydonck

The Resemblance, 1896

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the isle of philae by ernest vermeulen

Ernest Vermeulen


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les pieds dans le plat by edouard vandenbosch

Edouard Vandenbosch


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summer at the beach in heist by jan frans verhas

Jan Frans Verhas

Summer at the beach in Heist, 1890

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draughtswoman at the banks of the scheldt by victor lagye

Victor Lagye

Draughtswoman at the Banks of the Scheldt, 1870

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a walk in the dunes by jan frans verhas

Jan Frans Verhas

A Walk in the Dunes, 1885

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leasure time by the königssee, berchtesgadener land (bavaria) by ludwig thiersch

Ludwig Thiersch

Leasure Time by the Königssee, Berchtesgadener Land (Bavaria), 1874

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