Lynn Chadwick

(British, 1914–2003)

ace of diamonds by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Ace of Diamonds, 1986

ace of diamonds iv by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Ace of Diamonds IV, 1986–1996

beast x by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Beast X, 1956

boy and girl iii by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Boy and Girl III, 1957

cloaked couple iii by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Cloaked Couple III, 1977

cloaked figure ii by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Cloaked Figure II, 1977



Born in Barnes
1933 - 1939
Trained as an architectural draughtsman
1941 - 1944
Pilot in Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy
1944 - 1949
Returned to work for architect Rodney Thomas, London
1947 - 1952
Produced textile, furniture, and architectural designs
First mobile shown at Building Trades Exhibition
Small mobile for the window of Gimpel Fils, London, as part of a mixed exhibition
First one-man show at Gimpel Fils, London
One of the 12 semi-finalists for The Unknown Political Prisoner International Sculpture Competition
Won the International Prize for Sculpture, XXVIII Biennale, Venice


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