Adrian Wiszniewski: New Works

Adrian Wiszniewski: New Works

London, United Kingdom Wednesday, November 14, 2012Saturday, December 15, 2012
two revolutionaries by adrian wiszniewski

Adrian Wiszniewski

Two Revolutionaries, 2012

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London, United Kingdom
Wednesday, November 14, 2012Saturday, December 15, 2012

Colours glow and fantasies pulse in Adrian Wiszniewski’s paintings. Large, expansive canvases with just as much impact, the presence of his works are immediately palpable. The figures depicted within have been likened to Dorian Gray, eternally young, flawless, not a hair out of place on their glossy auburn heads. No blue eye is panicked, no mouth grimaces, no expression is perturbed. Their eyes tell a different story though; they glimmer with full knowledge of their fate, as if their entire future narrative has already played out in front of them.

Such is the game when looking at Wiszniewski’s paintings — he expects his viewers to work at un-scrabbling his stories. It is part of the fun. A kaleidoscope of colour and composition, beautifully painted, arranged on the wall as if solely for our enjoyment.

Adrian Wiszniewski came to prominence as one of the famous New Glasgow Boys who led the revival of figurative painting in Scottish art in the 1980s. Their international standing was confirmed in 1987 with exhibitions worldwide, plus the acclaimed Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, The Vigorous Imagination, held at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Adrian Wiszniewski first trained as an architect, then as a painter, both at Glasgow School of Art, which has produced so many art world stars in the last 25 years. Eternally young and wonderfully new, his upcoming solo exhibition at Beaux Arts London will undoubtedly delight and amaze. New Works runs from 14th November to 15th December 2012.