Barbara Wien Wilma Lukatsch

Nina Canell

(Swedish, b. 1979)

a bit, a bit of stone ... by nina canell

Nina Canell

A bit, a bit of Stone ..., 2011

a handful of dust by nina canell

Nina Canell

A Handful of Dust, 2008

another mender by nina canell

Nina Canell

Another Mender, 2014

another ode to outer ends by nina canell

Nina Canell

Another Ode to Outer Ends, 2010

distance reduced by nina canell

Nina Canell

Distance Reduced, 2013

halfway between opposite ends (studio) by nina canell

Nina Canell

Halfway Between Opposite Ends (studio), 2013



Born in Växjö, Sweden
Lives and works in New York


Flex-Sil Reloaded, A Homage to Roman Signer, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
2012 - 2013
Nina Canell. Rolf Julius. Lautlos, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis, USA
Sydney Biennale, Sydney, Australia
Made in Germany 2, Hannover, Germany
Intense Proximity: La Triennale, Paris, France
The Devils Fidelity, Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, France
Tendrils, Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, Ireland
Cubitt Gallery, London, England
Ode to outer ends, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany


Come Together, The Douglas Hyde Gallery (catalogue)
Arpeggio Book, Artist publication, The Model Arts & Niland Gallery
Champagne Diamond the Brilliant Light, LP & CD, Caff-Flick & Kaleidoscope, Collaboration with Robin Watkins
Luftkluster/Luftfluks, LP, Oscillatone, Collaboration with Robin Watkins
We Woke Up With Energy, review by Sally O'Reilly, Frieze # 98
We Woke Up With Energy, review by Declan Long, Circa # 115
Plane, Royal Hibernian Academy (catalogue)
Together Again, essay by Sarah Pierce, Mother¹s Annual, MTS
Dangerous Obsessions and the Culture of Excess, review by Luke Clancy, Modern Painters, 07-08
Precaution, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2005 (catalogue)