Barbara Krakow Gallery

i-s lxxiiib by josef albers

Josef Albers

I-S LXXIIIb, 1973

raw prints (yellow, purple, orange, red, blue, green) by john baldessari

John Baldessari

Raw Prints (Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Green), 1976

wasserturme (water towers), image iv from the series: typologies by bernd and hilla becher

Bernd and Hilla Becher

Wasserturme (Water Towers), Image IV from the series: Typologies, 2007

chuckle by mel bochner

Mel Bochner

Chuckle, 2013

untitled (circle maze) by louise bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois

Untitled (Circle Maze), 1996

last seen (rembrandt, the storm in the sea of galilée) by sophie calle

Sophie Calle

Last Seen (Rembrandt, The Storm in the Sea of Galilée), 1991

john by chuck close

Chuck Close

John, 1998

untitled (paper plates) by tara donovan

Tara Donovan

Untitled (Paper Plates), 2007

untitled (rubber bands) by tara donovan

Tara Donovan

Untitled (Rubber Bands), 2006

here by peter downsbrough

Peter Downsbrough

HERE, 2009

mountain skyline (from fourteen works) by hamish fulton

Hamish Fulton

Mountain Skyline (from Fourteen Works), 1982–1989

sea by philip guston

Philip Guston

Sea, 1980

truism footstool (starvation is nature's way...) by jenny holzer

Jenny Holzer

Truism Footstool (Starvation is nature's way...), 1988

blue curve (state i) by ellsworth kelly

Ellsworth Kelly

Blue Curve (State I), 1988

dogana (from the baedekers) by william kentridge

William Kentridge

Dogana (from The Baedekers), 1999

universal archive: ref. 59 by william kentridge

William Kentridge

Universal Archive: Ref. 59, 2012