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brittany crosses by dennis miller bunker

Dennis Miller Bunker

Brittany Crosses, 1884

cove scene at dusk by archibald cary smith

Archibald Cary Smith

Cove Scene at Dusk, 1874

star island, isles of shoals by warren w. sheppard

Warren W. Sheppard

Star Island, Isles of Shoals, 1881

peonies in kang-hsi vase by emil carlsen

Emil Carlsen

Peonies in Kang-Hsi Vase

lull in summer rain by charles ephraim burchfield

Charles Ephraim Burchfield

Lull in Summer Rain, 1916

fishermen on deck by henry bayley snell

Henry Bayley Snell

Fishermen on Deck

portrait of katharine rhoades by arthur beecher carles

Arthur Beecher Carles

Portrait of Katharine Rhoades, ca. 1912

passing schooner by john french sloan

John French Sloan

Passing Schooner, 1917

sunlight on bridge street by harry leith-ross

Harry Leith-Ross

Sunlight on Bridge Street

winter birches by jonas lie

Jonas Lie

Winter Birches

italy goes to war by arthur dove

Arthur Dove

Italy Goes to War, 1941

the red bathing suit by charles herbert woodbury

Charles Herbert Woodbury

The Red Bathing Suit