Li Nannan: The Metamorphosis

Li Nannan: The Metamorphosis

deep sea by li nannan

Li Nannan

Deep Sea, 2006

untitled by li nannan

Li Nannan


Saturday, December 10, 2011Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beijing, China

opening: dec.10 sat. 3 - 6pm.

Choosing porcelain to display art, Li Nannan explained that traditional materials like wood, stone and copper are so heavy that the mysterious feelings can’t be achieved in works. The particular temperament and artistic conception of porcelain are in line with subjects she wanted to express. As for colors, the artist selected white, blue and cyan as themes of sculptures, which were in accordance with unique understanding and expression of humans toward nature and another spiritual world.

The style of Li Nannan, pure, dreamlike and cryptic, is filled with life experiences and cultures.Those gigant, round and exquisite whales are like fairies immersed in another world and carefree all the time.The echinoidea created after the ups and downs in life. They are round and full angels under the sea, which are striped of spikes and angles. In the current of the earth, even the angels cannot escape this cursing world.Caterpillars are always ignored because of their tender figures while the artist magnified them, which made us rethink the weak in the nature and the poor living in the gaps of the society. Under the soft as well as hard surfaces of caterpillars, they have to stand, struggle, and suffer. There are expectations of becoming butterflies and reborn for people, being in a twinkle.

Special sculptured boats which are enveloped in mystery will go sailing. The release of humanity and dreams are glories for those who live under the mercy of life.

There are numerous unexpected things during the procedures of firing such as disappointment or happiness. All the anticipations might be heartbreaking, bleak-the works are cracked or disfigured etc. when the enlightenment of the artist and the fortune given by God, gorgeous mould eventually come out. The untold exciting feelings will be vented and every single work exhibiting in front of you is precious and superexcellent.