Judith Cunningham: Pastel Paintings

Judith Cunningham: Pastel Paintings

dell road east by judith cunningham

Judith Cunningham

Dell Road East


transported by judith cunningham

Judith Cunningham


2,300 USD

on the big dog by judith cunningham

Judith Cunningham

On The Big Dog

2,500 USD

rowena afterglow by judith cunningham

Judith Cunningham

Rowena Afterglow

2,100 USD

Thursday, July 7, 2011Saturday, July 30, 2011

206 SW First Avenue
Portland, OR USA

First Thursday Opening Wine Reception Thursday, July 7, 6-9 PM

Music by Mary Flower: Internationally recognized acoustic fingerstyle blues guitarist

JUDITH CUNNINGHAM, living in Eastern Oregon, is inspired by the surrounding country from the Columbia gorge to the Steens Mountains. Traveling with her camera, she captures the wheat fields, open skies, rivers, rocks and even small city alleys, shooting as the mood and vision moves her. Her aim is to catch the unique cloud formation, odd lighting situation, striking land pattern, and fleeting shadows with her camera; so that she can return to her studio to paint portions of her photos or sometimes splicing them together to form a panoramic view of the landforms. Judith watches for the changes in color and the transitional patterns of light that are most often found during the evening as the colors deepen and the light recedes. "When I am painting I become one with the paint and try to keep intellectual ideas to a minimum. While working, I relaate only to surfaces, thus much of the transmission of subtle intuitive feelings about a subject is subconscious. My intention is to share a vision with others, and when they connect with it: validation."