ArtComm Ltd.

untitled by john wesley

John Wesley

Untitled, 1990

45,000 USD

man climbing a wall by pepo pichler

Pepo Pichler

Man climbing a wall

4,000 USD

kneeling man by pepo pichler

Pepo Pichler

Kneeling Man, 1976

4,000 USD

nightfalldome lands by russell crotty

Russell Crotty

NightfallDome Lands, 2005

8,500 USD

be seated: gwynne i by larry rivers

Larry Rivers

Be Seated: Gwynne I, 1988

25,000 USD

on the balcony by paul laster

Paul Laster

On the Balcony, 1991

8,000 USD

after pontormos: 2 men with a passage from ciceros by kehinde wiley

Kehinde Wiley

After Pontormos: 2 men with a passage from Ciceros, 2009

8,000 USD

rmb city 6 by cao fei

Cao Fei

RMB City 6, 2007

22,000 USD

skipping school by christopher winter

Christopher Winter

Skipping School, 2007

15,000 USD

kara, fitness instructor #6 by heidi mcfall

Heidi McFall

Kara, Fitness Instructor #6, 2002

8,000 USD

dumpster drawing 106 by john beech

John Beech

Dumpster drawing 106, 2004

3,500 USD

deer by thom merrick

Thom Merrick

Deer, 2006

9,000 USD

dinkey by cristina lei rodriguez

Cristina Lei Rodriguez

Dinkey, 2004

9,000 USD

vault by ian monroe

Ian Monroe

Vault, 2005

5,000 USD

jarrones by fernando canovas

Fernando Canovas

Jarrones, 1996

15,000 USD

sonia, hilla and heroe by arturo elizondo

Arturo Elizondo

Sonia, Hilla and Heroe, 1998

2,500 USD