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Art & Design Exhibition



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Friday, August 8, 2014Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, August 8, 2014

Le Méridien
Avinguda del Santori, 1

Tarragona, 43880 Spain

Art Wanson Gallery, in collaboration with Le Méridien Ra, presented a contemporary Art exhibition featuring the works of William Claeyssens, artist and pilot. Combining contemporary culture with European legacy, the luxury establishment lends itself particularly well to such a show for its elegant international clientele in a refined cultural ambience.

Inaugurated on Friday, 8th August at the ‘l’Orangerie’ Garden, this exhibit includes the presentation of two motorcycles. Centre stage the one affectionately named “Lady M 535”, a 600cc Suzuki. Next to her, part of “The Weldinox” collection, shines a unique and aggressive-looking 1000cc Boxer BMW. To complete the exhibition, the Artist displays a series of Limited Edition photographs that will no doubt attract the attention of those who are passionate about exceptional motorcycles. Sculptural work and a passion for photography are what indicate the Artist’s unconditional love for these fascinating machines.

Stainless steel pieces by this master and sculptor, made on motorcycle frames he fabricates in his workroom, overly demonstrate his expertise in the handling of this material.

This exhibition is undoubtedly different and distinctive. “We do not pursue all our exhibitions to have the same format. We adapt to each client and propose atypical projects; this is what sets us apart”, says Mercedes Duerinckx.

Guests of this luxury establishment will be surrounded by these works of Art from August until October.