Tian Taiquan

Tian Taiquan

installation view - tian taiquan 5 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Installation View - Tian Taiquan 5

installation view - tian taiquan 4 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Installation View - Tian Taiquan 4

installation view - tian taiquan 3 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Installation View - Tian Taiquan 3

installation view - tian taiquan 2 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Installation View - Tian Taiquan 2

installation view - tian taiquan 1 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Installation View - Tian Taiquan 1

totem recollection no.7 by tian taiquan

Tian Taiquan

Totem Recollection No.7, 2007

Wednesday, October 2, 2013Sunday, November 3, 2013

38 Armenian Street
Singapore, Singapore

Art Plural Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Chinese artist Tian Taiquan running from October, 2 to November 3, 2013 to inaugurate the Third Floor project at Art Plural Gallery.

The artist, born in Chongqing, China vividly expresses the living scar weighing on his country since the Cultural Revolution. Covering and unfolding memories through photography montages, the artist tangles reality and fiction creating a witness of history in a colourful yet violent graveyard.

“The Cultural Revolution impressed me so much when I was a child, that it is the permanent inspiration of my creation. It needs to be explored constantly. I still remember the period when red flags and Dazibao were at everywhere on the street. The horrified violence in Chongqing was very famous in my motherland and became my fertile resources.” – Tian Taiquan.

For this exhibition, Art Plural Gallery presents 12 photographs from the Totem series. Lying on a red and infinite landscape of stigmatised Mao figures, the nudity of a dead woman body is sacrificed on the altar of communism. Raping sensuality, a green military suit with a glittering badge stands as the character’s only piece of clothing. As if swallowed by an immense propaganda sea, semi buried women go unnoticed as their blood merges with the red abyss of the Revolution. Tied up with thick and solid ropes, some convey the impossibility to differ or escape from the unique party’s path.

Paradoxically evocative, Tian Taiquan’s photographs address both desires and sufferings leaving the viewer with an ambiguous bitter sweet feeling. With the use of digital technologies, bright colours and sensual poses, the artist visually injects life into the depicted horror. Linking past and present, Tian Taiquan reasons the never-ending dilemma of memory.

Artist’s Biography

Tian Taiquan weighs the factual truth about the Cultural Revolution in China through his art. The strength and reality of what he experienced in the political and cultural realm of his life is depicted in a visual manner through digital technology. He uses photography to capture the instant and yet stages the elements that accurately represent the cultural and political scenario in a fictitious way. Tian’s works metaphorically represent violence, destruction, suffering, confusion, and darkness in contrast with vivid colours and endless sensuous movement. The artist’s images simultaneously bring together the historical past and present creating a powerful conclusion in a sharp and detailed composition.

Tian Taiquan was born in 1960. He graduated in 1988 from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. His solo exhibitions include: the Cultural Arts Museum, Beijing, China; ‘Tears of Eros’, England; Gibsone Jessop Gallery, Canada; ‘Nature’, Shanghai, China, Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Gallery, Hubei Province, China, ‘Lost’, Chongqing, China; 501 Art Space, Chongqing, China, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China. His group shows include: Art Plus Shanghai, China; Art Asia Miami; Dialogue 2008 China, Beijing; Gathering under Olympic Rings, Beijing; Kitai Pveriod China Forward, Moscow; Seoul International Media Biennale, Korea to name a few. The artist lives and works in Chongqing, China.

About Art Plural Gallery

Art Plural Gallery is a 12’000 square feet space dedicated to Modern, Contemporary Art and Design. Founded by Swiss art dealer Frédéric de Senarclens, this innovative platform nestled in a four storey Art Deco heritage building is situated in the heart of Singapore's cultural district. Art Plural Gallery has recently been featured by Blouin Artinfo as one of the world’s best new galleries/museums.

About Third Floor

Third Floor is a lab of ideas, a cutting edge contemporary art space devoted to emerging talents. Welcoming an ambitious programming including temporary exhibitions (group, solo and thematic), art prizes, guided tours and art conferences, Third Floor is a dynamic and independent project of Art Plural Gallery.

It triggers a reflection and a dialogue with art. Third Floor is open to artists from any part of the world and from various disciplines (painting, drawing, sculpture, videos, installation, and photography). It gives artists an opportunity to express themselves, raise awareness for their work and boost their career.

Singapore is becoming an internationally recognized contemporary art hub, building momentum and imposing a strong international cultural identity. Fostering dialogue between cultures, styles and generations, Art Plural Gallery is eager to enhance the contemporary and experimental art scene presented in the region.

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