Armstrong - De Graaf International Fine Art

joys left behind by tom balbo

Tom Balbo

Joys Left Behind, 2002

swift ii by kevin barrett

Kevin Barrett

Swift II, 2011

revival by jonathan green

Jonathan Green

Revival, 1990

known and unknown viii by c. jagdish

C. Jagdish

Known and Unknown VIII, 2002

the butcher shop by david miretsky

David Miretsky

The Butcher Shop, 1987

i show you fear in a handful of dust by kevin o'brien

Kevin O'Brien

I Show You Fear in a Handful Of Dust, 1984

hidalgo by alejandro romero

Alejandro Romero

Hidalgo, 1987

till death do us part by c. jagdish

C. Jagdish

Till Death Do Us Part, 1998–2000

alexis muir by eugene jardin

Eugene Jardin

Alexis Muir, 1981

everything happens because of everything by charlie brouwer

Charlie Brouwer

Everything Happens Because of Everything

harlequin vase by dominick labino

Dominick Labino

Harlequin Vase, 1980

shore energy by delbert michel

Delbert Michel

Shore Energy

horse stung by wasps by francisco toledo

Francisco Toledo

Horse Stung by Wasps, 1975

coming about no. 1 by clayton pond

Clayton Pond

Coming About No. 1, 1985

los de entonces (the one from before) by fernando ramos prida

Fernando Ramos Prida

Los de Entonces (The One From Before), 1981

dylan by bill barrett

Bill Barrett

Dylan, 1980