Works on Paper by Masters of 20th Century

Works on Paper by Masters of 20th Century

Thursday, May 15, 2014Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 Ice House Street, Central
St. George's Building, Room 101

Hong Kong, China

Chinese Art Works by Zao Wouki, Sanyu, Chu Teh-chun, Wu Guanzhong and Ai Xuan epitomise the genius of these artists who, while remaining faithful to the ancient tradition of Chinese ink painting, also travelled to Paris and absorbed the theory and methods of Western art into their work to create inspired individual styles.

Zao Wouki (1921-2013) is renowned for his unique style of abstract art with its roots in Chinese culture and art. His works evoke a peaceful atmosphere and a sense of harmony through a refined use of brushwork and colour. After studying at the National Art Academy in Hangzhou, in 1947 Zao left for Paris where he befriended many well-known art dealers and artists. He remained in Paris and became arguably most successful Chinese artist of his generation.

Sanyu (1901 ? 1966) went to Paris in 1920 and decided to remain there.
He studied Western modern art at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and his work stylistically echoes the sketches of Matisse and Picasso.
Sanyu sought to combine traditional Chinese painting with Western modern art, seamlessly blending the bold spontaneity of calligraphic brush strokes and the negative white space of ink painting with the aesthetics of Western art.

Chu Teh-chun (1920-2014) graduated in 1941 from the National Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where he was a student of Lin Fengmian, a pioneer of modern Chinese painting. In 1955 he moved to Paris where he was inspired by Western art and became an exponent of lyrical abstraction in oil painting. Chu Teh-chun exhibited in many solo exhibitions worldwide, establishing himself as one of the most important 20th century Chinese artists.