Slinkachu: Global Model Village

Slinkachu: Global Model Village

wonderful world by slinkachu


Wonderful World, 2012

the food chain by slinkachu


The Food Chain, 2011

skyscraping by slinkachu


Skyscraping, 2011

school run by slinkachu


School Run, 2011

out of time by slinkachu


Out of Time, 2010

natural resources by slinkachu


Natural Resources, 2011

Thursday, September 27, 2012Saturday, October 27, 2012

London, United Kingdom

Andipa Contemporary is proud to announce Global Model Village, installation artist Slinkachu’s third solo show with the gallery, set to coincide with the publication of his third book (Boxtree, £12.99) of the same title.

Working his way around the globe, Slinkachu’s miniature installations focus on the common denominators of humankind, the dramas of hope and tragedy, loneliness and humour amongst the millions living in the metropolis. His installations continue to intrigue his audience and collectors as they appear in the major cities of the world, faithfully captured in this new body of works. The exhibition features a stunning selection of newly released limited edition prints and installations.

“The world is going to the dogs. You read about it in the papers every day…The good old days are long gone and the only thing to look forward to is a steady decline, leading to the inevitable apocalypse…But there are more immediate concerns for us, because the train is late and it’s already 8.45 a.m. The baby was awake all night and the kids are bunking off school. Letters from the bank are stacking up, unopened. The view from the office window is another office window…and one side of the bed is always empty. And we are all waiting for those days when the sun breaks through the clouds and, for once, the city looks…perhaps not so bad after all... These are the real dramas, this is the real news…Despite all our differences, this is what unites us, the ‘little people’.” (Slinkachu, Global Model Village)

From New York, Beijing and Moscow to Cape Town, Bridgetown and London, Slinkachu, has created his ‘little people’ installations within real urban contexts worldwide in a quest to illustrate and highlight our sociological, political and economical plights. The scale of his creations, left in their exterior environments, encourage us to expect the unexpected, to see where normally we do not look; their juxtapositions open up a realm of possibilities and challenge the audience to consider the plight of the everyman.

In ‘The Food Chain’ tiny figurines continue their back-breaking work of planting rice in a makeshift manhole paddy field, unaware of Beijing’s city life speeding past on the nearby road – a reflection on the reality of the labour intensive rice production that keeps the world fed and the workers over-worked and unrewarded…the invisibles working in a street aptly named ‘Gui Jie’ (Ghost Street). Over in Cape Town’s District Six, we are party to a treacherous yet joyful looking ‘School Run’, the thumb-sized hopefuls, smartly dressed and heavily laden with books, make their way across a barbed wire tightrope. With bright colours and blue skies, the optimistic wire-slashed image appears an allegorical representation of the sad history of District Six, known for the forced removal of 60,000 inhabitants during the 1970’s apartheid regime.

The Global Model Village exhibition will feature a broad selection of these international works. As Slinkachu has been abandoning these tiny model people on the gritty city streets, left to fend for themselves, his works are documented and presented through the photographic medium.

Andipa Gallery has been publishing Slinkachu’s work and representing the artist since 2008. In 2009 Boxtree’s publication “Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu” became the best-selling art book in the UK.

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