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Transcending Boundaries: Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan

Transcending Boundaries: Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan

1869 Post Road E.Westport, CT 06880 USA Saturday, May 3, 2014Sunday, August 31, 2014
invite: transcending boundaries: qin feng, wei jia and lin yan

INvite: Transcending Boundaries: Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan

1869 Post Road E.
Westport, CT 06880 USA
Saturday, May 3, 2014Sunday, August 31, 2014

*This show runs concurrent with “Tale of Two Cities: New York-Beijing” at the Bruce Museum, May 3rd – August 31st.

Amy Simon Fine Art is pleased to announce the May 3rd opening of Transcending Boundaries: Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan. The exhibition features paintings and works on paper by these three highly respected Chinese artists who work both in China and the U.S. These artists’ Asian artistic heritage is clearly evident in their work. However, their western experiences greatly inform their art.

Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan are among the artists whose work is included in the Bruce Museum exhibition “Tale of Two Cities: New York-Beijing” which will be on view from May 3rd through August 31st. Transcending Boundaries will compliment the Bruce exhibition and include a diverse selection of pieces by these three major Chinese artists.

Qin Feng was born in Xinjiang, China, but left at an early age to become one of the most highly respected contemporary Chinese artists of his generation. His works have been exhibited worldwide, including important exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum, Beijing Museum and many others.

Qin Feng was trained in traditional Chinese ink painting and this foundation is quite evident in his work. Having spent many years in the west, he has also been greatly influenced by Abstract Expressionism. His monumental pieces do not just a play with abstract forms; they are motivated by strength and spirituality.

The inspirations of Qin Feng’s work comes from the origin of civilizations. He tries to capture a specific sound, a particular smell, a special light or dusts from the ancient past. Regardless of the size of the works, his brushstrokes are always symbolic. His work is an expression between the personal and the ancient past, a synthesis of the east and west.

Lin Yan was born in Beijing to a family of highly distinguished artists. She infuses Chinese philosophy into her extraordinary paper pieces.
Her forms are minimal and quiet, but they are filled with complex impulses and nuances. She uses traditional handmade papers and inks to create strong, post-industrial feeling work. It is important to note that she never practiced traditional Chinese art, but her cultural identity is always evident. Lin Yan’s art explores the relationship of Chinese traditional painting and modernist abstraction.

She draws on her Asian roots with visual elements such as paper casting segments of Chinese roof tiles in rich shades of traditional black ink. Echoes of Eastern culture reverberate but there is always a monumental, western perspective in the work. She transcends the boundaries of east and west.

Wei Jia, was also born in Beijing. He studied Chinese traditional calligraphy, brushwork and painting in his native China. His work plays with the subtleties of positive and negative space found in traditional Chinese painting. He is fascinated by the texture and translucent expression of this work. The materials that he uses are a melding of east and west. He collages beautiful Chinese papers and paints onto canvas.

Wei Jia is greatly influenced by traditional Chinese calligraphy and western minimalist art. These dual fascinations evolved into the creation of his “Calligrapher paintings, a series of works which began with abstract Chinese symbols that became totally abstract forms.

The exhibition will be on view from May 3rd through June 14th. The gallery is located at 1869 Post Road East, Westport. Gallery hours are 11 – 5:30 p.m. and by appointment. For further information, contact the gallery at 203.259.1500 or check the website.