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Kate Brinkworth


moet chandon by kate brinkworth

Kate Brinkworth

Moet Chandon, 2012

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Kate Brinkworth undertook her artistic training at Nottingham Trent University in North England. After completing her studies in 2000 she rapidly began exhibiting work, her first major solo show taking place in 2001 at Britart Gallery, London. Her work has since been exhibited widely throughout the UK and North America.
Brinkworth’s work stems from her curiosity of films, particularly those directed by or in the style of Hitchcock. Finding intrigue in the use of camera angles and techniques she is particularly inspired by effects created by the manipulation of focus. Though her paintings are not intended to imitate a photograph Brinkworth’s style uses the language of film and photography to create these unique images. Painted in varying degrees of focus Brinkworth highlights the focal subjects in each piece whilst the blurred areas are left subtly alluring. Introducing narrative to her work, the subjects are suggestive of a place and time and encourage the viewer to create their own story based on personal interpretation.