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Joseph Cornell: Toys, Objects, Box Constructions, Collages

Joseph Cornell: Toys, Objects, Box Constructions, Collages

pocket watch by joseph cornell

Joseph Cornell

Pocket Watch, 1939


soap bubble set by joseph cornell

Joseph Cornell

Soap Bubble Set, 1960


Wednesday, October 30, 2002Saturday, January 18, 2003

113 East 90th Street
New York, NY USA



Accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue
October 30 ­ December 20, 2002

In honor of Joseph Cornell's approaching centennial birthday, the Allan Stone Gallery is featuring an exhibition of over thirty of Cornell's works, including toys, objects, box constructions and collages. This exhibition, marking thirty-eight years since Cornell's first show with Allan Stone will be held at the Allan Stone Gallery located at 113 East 90th Street in New York City from October 30 through December 20, 2002.

These objects, many rarely exhibited, show the themes and elements often seen in Cornell¹s work: from Aviary to Celestial Navigation Boxes, Sand Fountains to Dovecote Boxes. The exhibition also includes games as well as objects that Cornell created as gifts.

"Cornell's works are mysterious little worlds that have a great deal to do with nostalgia for some past time," says Allan Stone. "Cornell always invites you to look at the world he's trying to create but never to really get involved in the world. There's always glass to keep you out. "Look, but don't touch." It's almost as though he's sharing some kind of a recollection with you, telling you little stories."

Joseph Cornell was born in 1903 in Nyack, New York. After moving about the New York tri-state area, the family settled in 1929 at Utopia Parkway in Queens where Cornell lived and worked until his death in 1972.


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