we are all made of stars by stefan kürten

Stefan Kürten

We are all made of stars, 2013

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trying to return home educated by robert kinmont

Robert Kinmont

trying to return home educated, 2014

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this is my hand by robert kinmont

Robert Kinmont

This is my Hand, 1970

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crew of the s.s. glencairn by matthew benedict

Matthew Benedict

Crew of the S.S. Glencairn, 2014

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luis and virginia arroyo by john ahearn

John Ahearn

Luis and Virginia Arroyo, 1980

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out of body (ii), haunted by willie doherty

Willie Doherty

OUT OF BODY (II), haunted, 2010

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colors for a new home by diango hernández

Diango Hernández

Colors for a new home, 2009

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liliane by sean scully

Sean Scully

Liliane, 2010

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dwi by robert bordo

Robert Bordo

DWI, 2012

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shoonufu female figure by willie cole

Willie Cole

Shoonufu Female Figure, 2013

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hand sculpture from the tomb by peter hujar

Peter Hujar

Hand Sculpture from the Tomb, created: 1967–printed: 2010

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marienbad by jorge macchi

Jorge Macchi

Marienbad, 2012

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pick 1228-15i , pick 1228-50ai by rita mcbride

Rita McBride

Pick 1228-15I , Pick 1228-50AI, 2007

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winter maple by sylvia plimack mangold

Sylvia Plimack Mangold

Winter Maple, 2012

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ex libris (ap 4561) by emily jacir

Emily Jacir

ex libris (AP 4561), 2010–2012

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static ii by mona hatoum

Mona Hatoum

Static II, 2008

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