pine trees, seaside by pierre bonnard

Pierre Bonnard

Pine Trees, Seaside, ca. 1923

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the male and evil by victor brauner

Victor Brauner

The Male and Evil, 1944

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notes revised by grisha bruskin

Grisha Bruskin

Notes Revised, 1995

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composition with spiral by alexander calder

Alexander Calder

Composition with Spiral, 1963

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little horse by agustin cárdenas

Agustin Cárdenas

Little Horse, 1989

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port by pierre dmitrienko

Pierre Dmitrienko

Port, 1954

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fatima in colomb bechar by alexander evgenievich iacovleff

Alexander Evgenievich Iacovleff

Fatima in Colomb Bechar, 1924–1925

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wrapped objects by dmitry krasnopevtsev

Dmitry Krasnopevtsev

Wrapped Objects, 1963

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still life with plate by pinchus krémègne

Pinchus Krémègne

Still Life with Plate, ca. 1918

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composition by andré lanskoy

André Lanskoy

Composition, 1966

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composition by andré marfaing

André Marfaing

Composition, 1977

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genevieve with a garland of flowers by jules pascin

Jules Pascin

Genevieve with a Garland of Flowers, 1929

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bottles and electric cords in the town by oskar rabin

Oskar Rabin

Bottles and Electric Cords in the Town, 1961

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man and bird in town by léopold survage

Léopold Survage

Man and bird in town, 1915

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the lost glasses by boris sveshnikov

Boris Sveshnikov

The Lost Glasses, 1960

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man with lemon by oleg tselkov

Oleg Tselkov

Man with Lemon, 1962

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