still life with lobster by william michael harnett

William Michael Harnett

Still Life with Lobster, 1882

350,000 USD

mataafa's cook house, from our hut at vaiala, samoa by john la farge

John La Farge

Mataafa's Cook House, from Our Hut at Vaiala, Samoa, 1890

65,000 USD

lorca sun by sir terry frost

Sir Terry Frost

Lorca Sun, 1991

2,500 USD

black sun by sir terry frost

Sir Terry Frost

Black Sun, 1973

150,000 USD

blue mountain (garmisch-partenkirchen) by marsden hartley

Marsden Hartley

Blue Mountain (Garmisch-Partenkirchen), 1933

Price on Request

group with mrs. sarah fairchild conover, superior, wisconsin by eastman johnson

Eastman Johnson

Group with Mrs. Sarah Fairchild Conover, Superior, Wisconsin, 1857

Price on Request