ACRIA – Aids Community Research Initiative of America

tithe by jack pierson

Jack Pierson

TITHE, 2012

2,500 USD

(obama) urban evolution 32 4/15/07 10:23:13am nyc <br>(obama) urban evolution portraits 9 11/29/08 2:50:46pm la by burton machen

Burton Machen

(Obama) Urban Evolution 32 4/15/07 10:23:13am NYC
(Obama) Urban Evolution Portraits 9 11/29/08 2:50:46pm LA,

300 USD

(jewel) urban evolution 29 4/15/07 4:37:37pm nyc by burton machen

Burton Machen

(Jewel) Urban Evolution 29 4/15/07 4:37:37pm NYC, 2007

300 USD

untitled (stranger passing) by barney kulok

Barney Kulok

Untitled (Stranger Passing), 2011

500 USD

the rose the rose by terence koh

Terence Koh

The Rose The Rose

900 USD

untitled by kelly klein

Kelly Klein

Untitled, 2007

500 USD

catching birds with stones by john gordon gauld

John Gordon Gauld

Catching Birds With Stones, 2011

300 USD

c'mon get happy by deborah kass

Deborah Kass

C'mon Get Happy, 2010

1,200 USD

tuned (davis) by james hyde

James Hyde

TUNED (Davis)

200 USD

untitled by eric fischl

Eric Fischl

Untitled, 2011

1,200 USD

histogram 003 (thresholding) by dillon dewaters

Dillon DeWaters

Histogram 003 (Thresholding), 2011

200 USD

untitled by stephen dean

Stephen Dean

Untitled, 2011

1,000 USD

paper drawing by talia chetrit

Talia Chetrit

Paper Drawing, 2010

250 USD

tourists by jim campbell

Jim Campbell


600 USD

breakfast of champions by sebastiaan bremer

Sebastiaan Bremer

Breakfast of Champions, 2011

800 USD

every picture surely betrays an elongated set of decisions by lucas blalock

Lucas Blalock

Every Picture Surely Betrays an Elongated Set of Decisions, 2011

250 USD