ACRIA – Aids Community Research Initiative of America

6th of april/ cat by michele abeles

Michele Abeles

6th of April/ Cat, 2007

Price on Request

callum, london by david armstrong

David Armstrong


1,500 USD

strangers in the night by joseph ayers

Joseph Ayers

Strangers in the Night

300 USD

the lucky ring by donald baechler

Donald Baechler

The Lucky Ring, 2008

1,200 USD

plastic and paint by gary bandy

Gary Bandy

Plastic and Paint

untitled by lawrence beck

Lawrence Beck


500 USD

crystal for charity by tanyth berkeley

Tanyth Berkeley

Crystal for Charity

1,500 USD

moire 38 by william betts

William Betts

Moire 38, 2010

200 USD

untitled by dike blair

Dike Blair


every picture surely betrays an elongated set of decisions by lucas blalock

Lucas Blalock

Every Picture Surely Betrays an Elongated Set of Decisions, 2011

250 USD

indian song bird by ross bleckner

Ross Bleckner

Indian Song Bird, 2012

1,500 USD

throbbing hearts by ross bleckner

Ross Bleckner

Throbbing Hearts, 2005

1,700 USD

uncharted settlements by slater bradley

Slater Bradley

Uncharted Settlements, 2005–2010

Price on Request

breakfast of champions by sebastiaan bremer

Sebastiaan Bremer

Breakfast of Champions, 2011

800 USD

self portrait june 1 by christopher bucklow

Christopher Bucklow

Self Portrait June 1, 2000

tourists by jim campbell

Jim Campbell


600 USD