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Christopher Bucklow

(British, b. 1957)

self portrait june 1 by christopher bucklow

Christopher Bucklow

Self Portrait June 1, 2000



Born in Manchester, England


Light & Atmosphere, Miami Art Museum, USA
Riflemaker Gallery, London
Recycling Lucifer’s Fall, Houldsworth Gallery, London
Galerie Edward Mitterrand, Geneva
Angeli Rrose, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
Best Of Visionaire, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
Unqiue(s), Houldsworth, London
Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York
Christopher Bucklow: Guests and Tetrarchs, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
Visionaire’s Exquisite Corpse, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Selected Writings and Papers by the Artist
2003 - ‘ Psychocosm’ Lecture at conference, Science Museum, London
2000 - ‘Speculations on the art of Rick Chapman’ Birdman Press, San< Francisco
1998 - ‘William Blake and The Sea of Time and Space’, SOF Magazine, England
1997 - ‘O Felix Culpa - Metaphors of Reintegration’. Essay in catalogue to Robert Davies Exhibition, Arquivo, Lisbon, Portugal
1996 - ‘Una vesta di Colore’. Essay in catalogue to Simon Callery Exhibition, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
1995 - ‘The Beauty of the World’, Catalogue Essay to Independent Art Space exhibition, London
‘ Thought Forms’, Essay in catalogue to Susan derges Exhibition, Arnolfini, Bristol
‘Launching Points to the Realm of Mind’, Essay in catalogue to Edward Chell Exhibition, Anthony Wilkinson gallery, London
‘Guest’, Catalogue to Jeffrey Fraenkel Gallery exhibition, San Francisco
‘Anti Science’ Letter to Michael Read, See Magazine, San Francisco
1994 - ‘Human Nature’ Essay in catalogue to Mark Francis Exhibition, Maureen Paley, Interim Art, London
‘Footnotes to an Unwritten Text’, essay in catalogue to exhibition, Ex Lanifacio Bona Carignano, Turin, Italy
1993 - ‘ The Tailor Patched’, Essay in catalogue to ‘Between Sun and Earth’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
1991 - ‘Postmodern Theories of Modernism’, Lecture at conference at the Getty Center’ Los Angeles
1989 - ‘Instantaneity and Transience’, essay in ‘British Photography - the Fine Art Tradition’, Cambridge University Press
1988 - ‘Construction and Appropriation’, essay in ‘The Art of Photography’, Yale University Press

Forthcoming Monographs
2003 - Christopher Bucklow: Drawings. British Museum, London. Essays by Marina Warner, Roger Malbert, and interview with Adam Phillips
2004 - Christopher Bucklow: Photographs, Blindspot Publications, New York. Essays by Maria Morrris Hambourg and Prof David Alan Mellor