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Humanity: 100 Years of Figurative Art

Humanity: 100 Years of Figurative Art

New York, NY USA Thursday, May 7, 2009Friday, August 7, 2009
untitled by peter blume

Peter Blume

Untitled, 1989

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portrait of mrs. chase and son by william merritt chase

William Merritt Chase

Portrait of Mrs. Chase and Son

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summer walk by reginald marsh

Reginald Marsh

Summer Walk, ca. 1950

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truro mother by jim peters

Jim Peters

Truro Mother, 1994–2007

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jitterbugging on the mall by edmund yaghjian

Edmund Yaghjian

Jitterbugging on the Mall, 1938

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New York, NY USA
Thursday, May 7, 2009Friday, August 7, 2009

ACA Galleries is pleased to present two concurrent exhibitions: Humanity: A Hundred Years of Figurative Art (a hundred year survey of American and European figurative paintings, sculptures and works on paper) plus a powerful group of eight paintings, works on paper and prints by Ivan Le Lorriane Albright.

Humanity: A Hundred Years of Figurative Art demonstrates the various ways artists have depicted the human form over the last century. The show includes George Bellows, Peter Blume, Aaron Bohrod, William Merritt Chase, Edwin Dickinson, Philip Evergood, Grace Hartigan, Edward Hoppper, Gregory Gillespie, William Glackens, Sidney Goodman, William Gropper, Robert Gwathmey, Edgar Jerins, Luis Jimenez, Reginald Marsh, Marybeth McKenzie, Francis Luis Mora, Jim Peters, Joseph Peller, Faith Ringgold, Doug Safranek, Moses Soyer and Charles White among others. Exhibition Highlights include:

• The Day After the Funeral, 1924, a rare watercolor by Edward Hopper depicting the widow of George Bellows solitarily walking down a snowy New York street the day after Bellows’ burial.

• Two satirical lithographs by George Bellows The Jury and Artists Judging Works which poke fun at the National Academy’s selection process.

• Through the Glass Darkly, a symbolic portrait of Ivan Albright by his friend and fellow Chicago artist Aaron Bohrod.

Ivan Le Lorriane Albright is best known as a Magical Realist. His works portray the passage of time and the inevitable deterioration of the human body. He often used himself as the subject as in Self Portrait at 55 Division Street, Fleeting Time Thou Hast Left Me Old, The Mirror: Self Portrait in Georgia and Artist and Model at Rest. This exhibition also features the lithograph Victoria by his twin brother Malvin Zsissly.