ABA Gallery

self-portrait by léonid purygin

Léonid Purygin


fisherman in paris by robert rafailovich falk

Robert Rafailovich Falk

Fisherman in Paris

shipwreck at dawn by ivan konstantinovich aivazovsky

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

Shipwreck at Dawn, 1897

the summer wind by edward bekkerman

Edward Bekkerman

The Summer Wind, 2009

peasant couple with cow by david davidovich burliuk

David Davidovich Burliuk

Peasant Couple with Cow

last rays of summer by konstantin ivanovich gorbatov

Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov

Last Rays of Summer, 1922

still life with cat and onions by boris dmitrievich grigoriev

Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev

Still Life with cat and Onions, ca. 1928

redheads by ilya kabakov

Ilya Kabakov

Redheads, 1968

snow-covered street by abraham manievich

Abraham Manievich

Snow-covered Street

two young girls by marie marevna

Marie Marevna

Two Young Girls

card table 1 by vladimir nemukhin

Vladimir Nemukhin

Card Table 1, 1974

abstract compostion by eduard shteinberg

Eduard Shteinberg

Abstract Compostion, 1974

portrait with a medal by oleg tselkov

Oleg Tselkov

Portrait with a Medal, 2000

still life with flowers by marie vassilieff

Marie Vassilieff

Still Life with Flowers, 1951

the face by vladimir yakovlev

Vladimir Yakovlev

The Face, 1973