A Thousand Plateaus Art Space



the garden no. 1 by chen qiulin

Chen Qiulin

The Garden No. 1, 2007

Price on Request

ten jin four liang by he gong

He Gong

Ten Jin Four Liang, 2011

Price on Request

thousand miles away by shen liang

Shen Liang

Thousand Miles Away, 2009

Price on Request

wind in the forest by xiong yu

Xiong Yu

Wind in the Forest, 2010

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Thursday, September 29, 2011Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chengdu, Sichuan China

Opening: 4:00pm – 10:00pm, Sep 28th, 2011

Participating Artists:

Chai Yimin, Chen Qiulin, Hao Liang, He Duoling, He Gong, Jiang Zhi, Li Lang, Li Xi, Liu Guofu, Luo Fahui, Luo Mingyi, Qi Lan, Qin Siyuan, Shen Liang, Shen Xiaotong, Shi Yong, Shi Qing, Tang Mao-Hong, Wang Jun, Xiao Kegang, Xiao Xu, Xiong Yu, Yu Ji, Zhang Fazhi, Zhao Mi, Zhu Weibing + Ji Wenyu

We name the exhibition “Flower” with no specific representation or intention, but for the subjects of these artists’ paintings are all involved with “flowers”. Some may easily feel the curating is approaching to the conception of “reappearance theory”. Frankly speaking, our original idea of curating is simple as this: we select a group of works related with flowers, without considering of whether it is “reappearancing”. The only thing comes to mind is the possibility of presenting or opening an entrance or a view to new matter. Therefore, it is not that important any more if it’s “reappearance” or not. Even though this is “reappearance”, it is not what is going to be reapearanced, but how. Yet now, flower may be flower, may be not, and “reappearance” may be what it is, or may be not. Isn't it?