A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

farewell poem by chen qiulin

Chen Qiulin

Farewell Poem, 2002

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the passion of love by zhou chunya

Zhou Chunya

The Passion of Love, 1998

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the logic of fostering a hexagon by zhai liang

Zhai Liang

The Logic of Fostering a Hexagon, 2012

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story by zhai liang

Zhai Liang

Story, 2012

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gas station no. 5 by wang yin

Wang Yin

Gas Station No. 5, 2012

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the garden no. 2 by chen qiulin

Chen Qiulin

The Garden No. 2, 2007

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Thursday, May 23, 2013Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chengdu, Sichuan China

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is pleased to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

May 23 - May 26, 2013

Booth No. 3 D 13
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Expo Drive 1, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Art Basel was founded in 1970, it is the world-recognised contemporary art fair of the highest level. Every year, the organizer selects over 200 top galleries all over the world for participation. Generally speaking, the exhibited works of Art Basel include all media of visual artworks after 1900. Almost all the works of the world’s famous modern and contemporary artists have been presented in the fair. It is considered as the wind indicator and the weatherglass of the global art market. Every year, as the high end party for the most influential people in art, Art Basel has also attracted the most important collectors, curators, gallery owners and researchers all around the world.

The first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong features Asian and Western emerging artists and masters in four sectors, including Galleries, Insights, Discoveries and Encounters, to present the artworks of more than 2,000 artists all over the world, including the most excellent paintings, sculptures, installations, photographies, videos, etc. of 20 to 21 century. The first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong has 245 professional galleries as exhibitors, over half of which are the top galleries of Asian and Asian-Pacific region, among them, there are 20 galleries of mainland, China.

As the only invited gallery of western China in Art Basel Hong Kong, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, which comes from Chengdu will participate in Insight sector to present People’s Park Project. Then there will be four artists including Chen Qiulin (b.1975, Hubei Province), Wang Yin (b.1964, Shandong Province), Zhai Liang (b.1983, Shanxi Province) and Zhou Chunya (b/1955, Chongqing), media including paintings, photographies, videos and sculptures.

As a young new media artist born in 1975 who gets a lot of publication, Chen Qiulin has many works focusing on the rapid change in society, culture and living space caused by the politic and economic reform in China, and the contradiction and conflict between old and new, as well as the tangles between the change and her personal memory. Chen Qiulin constantly summarizes and visualizes the status quo and various conflicts arising from the challenges of modern life to the traditional value system. Her most talked about photography and video works put forward a strong inquire to the process of social development and ambitions. She will present part of her photographies, videos and sculptures since 2001, from which we can see her creation clue. she says:”I prefer the ordinary things with the trace and memory of being used, or the cheap materials, recalling me the mass life, making the air full of something heavy than oxygen.”

The famous artist Wang Yin will present his magnum opus Gas Station. He considers the particular objects in memory as the pointcut, to mirror the Chinese memory under the specific historical background. He draws with Soviet-style painting, which was the normal form of the official art education in 1950s, but was forgotten and even abandoned by today’s mainstream of art. He uses it, with simple colors and modest size, to recall the memory of history. In creation, Wang Yin insist on the discipline instead of the trend, not only to salute the senior, but also to keep cautious and modest.

Zhai Liang was born in 1980s, is one of the most concerned young artist in China. There will be two trends in his works in the project: on one hand, he describes the intellectuals during the Republic of China, with the attitude of looking back; on the other hand, he surveys and cares about another culture - literature, with the open attitude of research.

The famous artist Zhou Chunya was taught with Soviet-style painting at an early stage, and was influenced by New-Expressionism when studying in Germany. After he went home, he researched Chinese traditional painting for a long time, finally formed his own artistic language. Except for the influence of education and study, desire and sex, which is specially avoided and restrained in Chinese traditional art, is always the main clue in Zhou Chunya’s works. The exhibited works this time will excellently reflect the tangle of all the elements above.