solomon r. guggenheim museum, 2009 by christopher thomas

Christopher Thomas

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2009, 2012

Price on Request

recruiting station, coney island, brooklyn, usa by peter granser

Peter Granser

Recruiting Station, Coney Island, Brooklyn, USA, 2002

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untitled by daido moriyama

Daido Moriyama

Untitled, 1982

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monk, 1995 by yuichi hibi

Yuichi Hibi

Monk, 1995, 2009

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the unseen eye by saul leiter

Saul Leiter

The Unseen Eye, 1958

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copy art # 67, david hockney, 25€ by michael wolf

Michael Wolf

Copy Art # 67, David Hockney, 25€, 2006

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4/13/2009, 7:09 – 8:09 am, s 21°47.150‘ e 015°39.893‘ by hans-christian schink

Hans-Christian Schink

4/13/2009, 7:09 – 8:09 am, S 21°47.150‘ E 015°39.893‘, 2014

Price on Request

untitled by alvin booth

Alvin Booth

Untitled, 2005

Price on Request

aa by kyungwoo chun

Kyungwoo Chun

Aa, 2004–2006

Price on Request

la mariée manchoue. autoportrait. by kimiko yoshida

Kimiko Yoshida

La Mariée Manchoue. Autoportrait., 2003

Price on Request

new york 26 by simon chaput

Simon Chaput

New York 26, 1997

Price on Request

falling into sepia by kerry skarbakka

Kerry Skarbakka

Falling into Sepia, 2002

Price on Request

Since 2004, GALLERY FIFTY ONE has been producing Limited Edition Photographs by beginning and established artists.

Each photograph is in an edition of 51, which refers to the gallery's name FIFTY ONE, and is priced at 500 euro (+vat).