Prateep Suthathongthai, Holy-Production

Prateep Suthathongthai, Holy-Production

Bangkok, Thailand Thursday, January 24, 2013Sunday, April 7, 2013


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Bangkok, Thailand
Thursday, January 24, 2013Sunday, April 7, 2013

Opening Party: 21 February 2013 at 7 pm

In this year 2013, we will celebrate our 10th year anniversary with highlight exhibitions by our represented artists. Starting with a very first show in this snake year, “Holy-Production”, a solo exhibition ( mixed-media) by a talented young Thai artist, Prateep Suthathongthai who received a great deal of positive feedback on his work in the exhibition “Take/Turn” (2009).

The artist focuses on people’s faith, belief, and credulity in Thai society. He provides an example of amulet (sacred object) online market trend, which have been, appraised base on collection demand and speculation.

"The presentation of holy objects as commercial products across various newspapers and websites is a trend that reflects the continuing growth of the market for such objects. Today, beliefs and meanings attached to these items have been transformed to better match the context of the present day – including promises of protection from hazardous radiation, pandemics, illnesses, and disasters as well as blessings in fortune and luck. These new beliefs are now used to decide the value of holy objects as if they are product features. It is apparent that the ever-shifting desires and uncertainties people must cope with have been turned into factors to determine the value of popularity of certain items. Naturally, the consequence is the increased demand – both for actual utility and collection purposes – and the development of systematic replication, forgery, sale, and profiteering of items once held sacred" Prateep