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Huang Rui

(Chinese, b. 1952)

2011-1911: additional flags for the new republic (chinese tradition) by huang rui

Huang Rui

2011-1911: Additional Flags for the New Republic (Chinese Tradition), 2011

6-4 by huang rui

Huang Rui

6-4, 2012

blurred vision by huang rui

Huang Rui

Blurred Vision, 2012

chai-na/ china - 11-10 by huang rui

Huang Rui

Chai-na/ China - 11-10, 2010

chai-na/ china - 12-10 by huang rui

Huang Rui

Chai-na/ China - 12-10, 2010

courtyard in summer no. 1 by huang rui

Huang Rui

Courtyard in Summer No. 1, 1983



Born in Beijing, China
One of the leaders of the first non-conformist artist’s group “THE STARS” (XING XING) which was formed during the post-cultural revolution “Beijing Spring.”
One of the main founders of the Dashanzi Art District (Factory 798)


Erotic, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing, China (group)
Comerchina, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, Shanghai, China (solo)
One Country Two Systems – Unchanged After 50 Years!, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong (solo)
Chairman Mao 10,000 RMB, Chinese Contemporary, Beijing (solo)
2nd Dashanzi International Art Festival: Language/Fable, Beijing
Convergence Art exhibition, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing
1st Dashanzi International Art Festival: Radiance and Resonance / Signals of Time, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing
Transborder Language: Live Poetry/Performance Art, Beijing Tokyo Art Project, Beijing
Blue Sky Exposure – Anti SARS Exhibition, Dashanzi Art District and Yi Zhuang, Beijing
Beijing Afloat, Beijing Tokyo Art Project Opening Exhibition, Beijing
The 1st Guangzhou Triennale, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou
Promenade in Asia AFTER KITCH”, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
Dream 2001, Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Red Mansion Foundation, London
The Xing Xing 20 years, Tokyo Gallery
Non-existent Journey III KCAL Kansai Contemporary Art Laboratory, Amagasaki, Osaka (solo)
Non-existent Journey IV, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka (solo)
Huang Rui Exhibition, Kaze Gallery, Osaka (also ’98, 97, 95, 92, 90) (solo)
Beijing 0:00 [Performance], Wenzi Gallery, Tokyo (solo)
Memories of 100 Years, Huang Rui Studio, Osaka
True, Hirano, Osaka
NIPAF ’98 Nippon Performance Art Festival, Nagano etc. (also ’99)