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All images courtesy of the artist

"The very moment Kenny Scharf was introduced to me by Keith Haring around 1988, I knew he was going to be great fun and a central part of my life. Keith, as well as all of the artists of the New York art scene who knew Kenny at the time, thought he was the coolest, the funniest and the hippest artist ever to come along. A true child of the television age, he already possessed a fantastic lust for life and adventure, and his art celebrates that. What the Surrealist painters in Europe, in particular Dali, Tanguy and Ernst introduced to modern culture, Kenny has taken to a new level by infusing it with the genius and animated comedy of Hanna Barbera (The Jetsons and The Flintstones) and Walt Disney (Fantasia).

Kenny Scharf has brought back to art the wonder of perpetual imagination with zing and boundless humor. His art is electrically charged with the "grooviest" and "zaniest" innovations at the frontier of creative and playful discovery. His paintings, sculptures and black light closets, dating back to 1978, represent an exotic Gauguinesque way of seeing and experiencing the world, with the added awareness of 50's science fiction films, 60's a-go-go comedies and musicals, and 70's cult movies. Through an awareness of the electric culture, Kenny Scharf cherishes and celebrates the wonder of nature."

Tony Shafrazi