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Courtesy and Copyright of the Jules Olitski Estate

Jules Olitski: Embracing Circles 1959-1964
FreedmanArt, New York, New York
May 13-Summer 2011

Revelation: The Major Paintings of Jules Olitski
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri
May 20-August 21, 2011
Short-subject documentary Jules Olitski: Modern Master will be
screened during the opening on May 20th, 2011


"As we all know, inspiration, like love, can’t be induced. If we are fortunate, it will happen, falling upon us like a gift from the gods. If we are very fortunate, it will happen more than once. The only thing I could hope for was that I would be at work when the miracle came about; so I worked all the time. And then some seven or eight years ago I came upon this sentence by Ralph Waldo Emerson: 'Do the thing and you will have the power.' I didn't know, and still don't, its exact meaning, but the words had for me a power in themselves, an incantatory power. It was as if, simply by saying the words and in that instant taking hold of the work, I had also taken hold of the power. Now here was a power I could induce. And what's more, the experience was similar to that which I had called inspiration. I believe I had tapped into some universal power. My experience is far from unique. Creative workers in many occupations and professions have experienced a communion with a divine source. It is maybe what Matisse had in mind when he asked himself if he believed in God and answered, yes, when at work."

Excerpt from the essay The Courage of Conviction, 1986, Ballantine Books, New York edited by Phillip L. Berman.


The Jules Olitski Estate is represented exclusively by FreedmanArt, New York, New York