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Presented courtesy of the Artist

Photo Credit: Duane Michals 1989

To Be A Lady: An International Celebration of Women in the Arts
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore, Gillman Village
October 16, 2013—February 1, 2014

Dorothea Rockburne: Drawing Which Makes Itself
Museum of Modern Art. New York, NY
September 21, 2013—January 20, 2014


"Personally, as part of the creative process, I always title a work before I make it. In that way, from the outset, I know exactly what it is. I try to work with inspiration, intuition, knowledge and alchemy. It is a journey, inward and outward, deeply personal and yet having a commonality. And when I am through there is a painting, an object with dimension, and yet the real object exists as the experience I have gained in making the painting. The painting itself then contains everything I know and am at that moment and since I am always changing, the paintings are always changing."

© Dorothea Rockburne 1989