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Presented with permission of the Daniel Garber Catalogue Raisonné project, Lance Humphries editor,
sponsored by Hollis Taggart Galleries

Daniel Garber, photograph ca. 1909, Garber Family Archives
"My work is different, perhaps, from that of the general landscape painter in that I have a mass of detail in the mass. After all, one's job is to get everything in and yet keep it all as a whole, like an orchestra - everything working in harmony to produce one feeling or emotion."
--Daniel Garber
Daniel Garber, Catalogue Raisonné, volume 1, p. 88.

For a full exhibition and publication history please refer to the Catalogue Raisonné, volume 2, pp. 446-493.

The Garber family and the Hollis Taggart Galleries are donating the artist’s archives and the papers of the Daniel Garber Catalogue Raisonné to the Pennsylvania Academy archives in the coming months.