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T.V. Santhosh (Indian, b.1968)
LOT ID: 66949
Peace Protest, 2004

Oil, on canvas
35.5 х 60 in. (90.17 x 152.4 cm.)
Signed, inscribed, and dated with title and dimensions and inscribed on back of canvas
Lot description
T.V. Santhosh (Indian, 1968). "Peace Protest". 2004. Oil on Canvas.
35.50 x 60 in (90.2 x 152.4cm)
This work is unframed and in excellent condition.

One of the most famous Contemporary Indian artists painting today, TV Santhosh ( India, B. 1968) creates powerful works which explore historical injustices, acts of violence, and the manipulation of media propaganda. "Peace Protest" (2004) is one of his most visually and thematically arresting large scale oil painting to-date by Santhosh. The rectilinear canvas in split in half into two vertical planes, the first contains an image of many candles glowing at night, lit in quiet hope for peace, the second contains a solarized image of a silhouette of a man with his face partially covered and hands pressed forward possessing a disquieting feeling of potential aggression and violence. The images are intentionally hard to discern at first, as Santhosh often employs a subverted technique of a solarized palette to slowly reveal and then ultimately expose the hidden figural symbolism within the margins of his work.

Santhosh's body of work is based on appropriated references from news sources such as television, newspapers, and magazines. He surrounds viewers with the immediacy of his work, with colors that are festive and celebratory that more often than not present imagery that is influenced by repression, social injustice, discrimination and economic disparities. Santhosh is collected internationally, and has placed work in the top private and Public collections, world-wide. In turn, he has held solo exhibitions at such venues as The Guild Art Gallery (Mumbai, India), Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), and the Saatchi Gallery (London, UK), among others. His paintings are highly sought-after by top Museums and Collectors, world-wide.
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