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Shi Lifeng (Chinese, b.1968)
LOT ID: 75047
Controlling, 2009

Oil, on canvas
78.75 х 59 in. (200.02 x 149.86 cm.)
Signed, other, and dated front center in red oil paint on the base of the Statue of Liberty in the painting.
Lot description
“Controlling” (2009) by famed Chinese Contemporary artist Shi Lifeng is arguably the artist’s most important and complex oil paintings to date. Shi's use of art here to unabashedly promote an agenda, no matter how false, is a direct commentary on the Maoist regime's use of art and iconography as propaganda. This painting measures a grand 78.75 x 59 inches (200 x 150 cm) and is in perfect condition.
Chairman Mao towers at center, dressed in the same brilliant red as the banner and the balloons, over the brilliant white Statue of Liberty, which itself is displaced from its famous New York City location, to stand in a bucolic field of grass, surrounded by green forests and rugged mountains. Mao bends down to 'light' the Statue's own torch with a smaller, red version of his own that bears a real flame, an undeniable message that the strength and power of China is gaining ground or even superior to that of the United States and the West. This lighting and passing of the torch is also a references the Olympic torch, as China hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008. This fantastic narrative depicts a surreal scene of celebration as the billowing red banner reading "Celebrating Together" in Chinese characters. The many red balloons and miniature red figures that fill the scene are painted against a vivid blue sky, underscoring the peace and prosperity of China at present.

Shi Lifeng (b. 1968, China) is world-famous, and in the top Museum and Private Collections, world-wide. Shi Lifeng has exhibited his work at the Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai, China), Yang Gallery (Singapore), and Beijing Contemporary Art Museum (Beijing, China), Jiri Arts Museum, (Beijing, China)amongst others, with solo exhibitions throughout Europe and Asia. The artist received his formal training with a Degree from the Hebei Normal University, Hebei Province, China in 1991.
Controlling by Shi Lifeng
  • Controlling by Shi Lifeng
  • Controlling by Shi Lifeng
  • Controlling by Shi Lifeng
  • Controlling by Shi Lifeng
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