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Ren Zhe (Chinese, b.1983)
LOT ID: 79877
An Ancient Zither, 2010

37.4 х 38.97 х 34.65 in. (95 x 98.98 x 88.01 cm.)
Inscribed, signed, on the base of the sculpture.
Print/Casting Year ie. circa 2008
Edition 5/8
Lot description
"An Ancient Zither" (2010) is one of the most excting and dynamic of the iconic bronze figurative sculptures by one of the most internationally acclaimed Chinese Contemporary artist of his 1980's generation, Ren Zhe (China, b. 1983). "Ancient Zither" is simply Ren at his best, with this warrior/musician's performance, pose and physique all powerfully exaggerated, resolving the inherent dynamism of the piece to a profoundly reflective stillness, with details down to the highly polished copper version of the zither, a musical instrument, laid across his lap in marked contrast to the figure's darker patina. This is the first edition of "An Ancient Zither" to ever come to international auction, is in perfect condition, and measures 37.40 x 38.97 x 34.64 inches (95 x 99 x 88 cm). This is edition 5/8.

Ren Zhe's bronze and stainless steel sculptures can be described as simple when depicting the intrinsic human values in their purest sense. Taking from Confucian ideology, they would be magnanimity and courage, nobility, gentleness, respect, and truth. Ren Zhe has registered them as part of his cultural heritage, as the 'spirit' or 'essence' of the Han Dynasty, as well as his own self-reflection. However, with the influence of technology that has become pervasive throughout the world and including Ren's own "Generation Y" and beyond. Ren Zhe does not merely re-create from the ancient past, instead, he attempts to build a relationship with historic figures that would resonate with the changing mindsets of today's generation. Ren Zhe was born in 1983 and received his BFA in 2005 from The Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department, Tsinghua University. He is a member of the China Sculpture Institute. His work has been shown in both select solo and group exhibitions within China, Taiwan and Singapore, Korea, and New York. His work can be found in museums across China and in private collections of international companies in China as well as in Korea.
An Ancient Zither by Ren Zhe
  • An Ancient Zither by Ren Zhe
  • An Ancient Zither by Ren Zhe
  • An Ancient Zither by Ren Zhe
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