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Rashid Rana (Pakistani, b.1968)
LOT ID: 69987
Re-ornamented I, 2004

Chromogenic Print (C-print), on paper
36 х 30 in. (91.44 x 76.2 cm.)
Signed, inscribed, and dated in English on verso. Incsribed "8/10 Re-ornamented-1 36"x30" also on verso.
Edition 10
Lot description
Note: "Re-ornamented I" (2004) is a highly important digital c-print by Rashid Rana. Unframed dimensions are 36 in x 30 in. (91.4 x 76.2 cm), and the work is archivally framed to dimensions: 41.75 x 35.75 inches. The photograph is in excellent condition. This is edition 8 of 10.

“In this age of uncertainty we have lost the privilege of having only one world view…Now, every image, idea and truth (may it be ancient of modern) encompasses its opposite within itself. Thus we live in a state of duality.”
-Rashid Rana (Pakistani, B. 1963).

"Re-ornamented I" is a rare and incredibly intricate photograph by Rana, an edition of which is held in the permanent collection of the Musée Guimet in Paris, France. Another edition of this same photograph sold at Saffron Auction in September 2008 for over $70,000 USD Premium.

Rashid Rana's body of photographic work is famous for its ability to trigger contemplation about society’s views of beauty versus troubling reality, and how the two seemingly opposite subjects are in fact deeply intertwined in this unique manner of working. Here, Rana literally draws one into what appears from a distance to a straight-forward photograph of an elegantly arched door and hallway of a traditional Pakistani style building. It is not until one gets close-up to the photograph that the jarring reality of Rana's encoded themes and brilliant technique appear. The subject suddenly switches from that of the tranquil doorway to the hundreds of varied thumbnail photographs embedded into the scene that the artist uses to create the architectural composition. Suddenly these thumbnails become the subject, the doorway and entrance dissolve away, and one is captured trying to decipher the context of the miniature images, loaded as they are with intense thematic and visual information.

Rashid Rana has been creating brilliant videos and photographs for over a decade like "Re-Ornamented I" , that critique social and political issues, and is considered one of the most important photographers, world-wide. Rana is famed for his using thousands of tiny photographic images of sexual, social, political issues and injustices to re-create the composition of larger secular or more docile images. The artist is represented by the top galleries including the elite Lisson Gallery, (London and Milan) His work is in the Saatchi permanent collection, as well as major museums and top private collections, world-wide.
Re-ornamented I by Rashid Rana
  • Re-ornamented I by Rashid Rana
  • Re-ornamented I by Rashid Rana
  • Re-ornamented I by Rashid Rana
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