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Luo Brothers (Chinese)
LOT ID: 65263
Welcome! Welcome! Coca-Cola, 2008

Other Synthetic Materials, hand painted cast fiberglass
45.25 х 29.5 х 29.5 in. (114.94 x 74.93 x 74.93 cm.)
Signed, and dated on underside of sculpture in black marker.
Print/Casting Year 2008
Edition 8
Lot description
Luo Brothers. "Welcome! Welcome! Coca-Cola". 2008
Painted fiberglass. Edition 6/8.
Dimensions: 45.25 x 29.5 x 29.5 in (115 x 75 x 75cm).
Signed and dated on underside of sculpture.
This work is in excellent condition.

"Welcome! Welcome! Coca-Cola" is one of the most important and largest of the Luo Brothers fiberglass sculptures to-date by the Chinese Contemporary trio known as The Luo Brothers. This particular work is a masterpiece by the Brothers, due to it's grand scale at nearly four feet tall, as well as the fantastic subject matter, theme and composition. Four of the Luo Brother's iconic polychrome, laughing, chubby babies are present here. In Chinese culture, chubby babies are considered bearers of good fortune and prosperity, thus the fact that here they are bearers of a monumental Coca-Cola can of soda is clearly ironic and a double entendre. Three of the babies each identically dressed in colorful bodysuits that bear Chinese Characters across their chests, together carry the Coca Cola can forward as if in a religious ceremony or parade. The fourth baby kneels atop the can, nude, also laughing as he takes photograph from a vintage camera he holds in one hand, to document their collectively ushering in of the materialism consumerism and influence of the West.

The three Luo Brothers, Luo Wei Dong, Luo Wei Bing and Luo Wei Guo, are internationally famous for these unique, over-the top works in a variety of media, mostly for their painted fiberglass statues, lacquered wool reliefs and oil paintings. Their works are in effect a conglomeration of what makes up the modern Chinese society today and conflates the traditions of the East with the contemporary material influence of the West. The land of the Luo Brothers is a saccharine one that revels and enjoys the day-glo, glossy world of "new" China.
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