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Jeff Koons (American, b.1955)
LOT ID: 71184
Puppy, 1998

17.5 х 10 х 16 in. (44.45 x 25.4 x 40.64 cm.)
Signed, with incised signature and dated '98' on the underside, numbered 2289/3000, with incised stamp.
Print/Casting Year 1998
Edition 3000
Foundry/Publisher published by Art of this Century, New York and Paris
Lot description
"Puppy Vase" (1998) is in 100% mint condition, signed and inscribed as mentioned and comes with the original box as issued, also in excellent condition. This is edition 2289 0f 3000. American artist Jeff Koons’ “Puppy” vase represents many of the artist’s most central themes. This beloved multiple is based on one of his most monumental and ambitious works to date. A gigantic puppy completely covered in an array of actual flowers, the original “Puppy” was first exhibited in Arolson, Germany, before it finally commanded the central courtyard of Rockefeller Center. Koons himself states “The vase is a symbol of love, warmth, and happiness.”

The "Neo-Geo" artist Jeff Koons, born in 1955, inspires conflicted reactions to his over-sized sculpture of banal and sometimes shocking objects. Some consider his work art historically significant, others view him as an attention-seeker who panders to the high art world. Educated at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Maryland, he was initially supported by his career on Wall Street. By the early 1980s, Koons was able to found a studio staffed by assistants. He quickly cultivated a media persona by hiring image consultants and placing strategic advertisements in high class art publications. His marriage to and subsequent divorce from the Italian pornstar Ciccolina also brought much public attention. Most famous for enlarged objects such as "Puppy" and his huge sculptures of inflated balloons, Koons also works in series of paintings, prints, and collage, stating he attempts "to make a body of work that anybody could enjoy."
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Puppy by Jeff Koons
  • Puppy by Jeff Koons
  • Puppy by Jeff Koons
  • Puppy by Jeff Koons
  • Puppy by Jeff Koons
  • Puppy by Jeff Koons
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