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Jeff Koons (American, b.1955)
LOT ID: 53193
Balloon Dog (Set of 2), 1995

Porcelain Edition, with Metal Glazes
10.5 х 10.5 х 3 in. (26.67 x 26.67 x 7.62 cm.)
Stamped, inscribed, Stamp Signed and Inscribed: Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons
Print/Casting Year 1995
Edition 2300
Foundry/Publisher Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Lot description
Suite of II- Blue and Red.

This is the first and second edition Balloon Dogs by Jeff Koons. Both boxes included. This whimsical Balloon Dog, which is cast porcelain coated with a red reflective finish attached to a porcelain plate, is a multiple after the artist's large scale original. Koons installed a full scale red balloon dog in Versailles and created an uproar of delight (and horror among the old guard) in France.

The overall condition of this piece is mint but there are slight flaws from the manufacturing process in the chrome. In several places it looks as though the adhesive used to affix the dog to the plate dripped and was chromed over. This has produced some spots where the chrome is thicker. I have noted an example in the pictures. This is also common for the first edition of this particular piece.

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