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Huang Yan (Chinese, b.1966)
LOT ID: 66067
Portrait of a Seated Woman (Tattooed Landscape Series), ie. circa 2011

Oil, on canvas
59 х 59 in. (149.86 x 149.86 cm.)
Signed, other, Signed and dated. A formal certificate of authenticity accompanies this painting signed by the artist.
Lot description
Huang Yan (China B. 1966).
"Portrait of a Seated Woman (Tattooed Landscape Series)". 2011.
Oil on Canvas. This work is unframed and in excellent condition.
Signed, dated. A formal certificate of authenticity accompanies this painting.

This majestic Autumnal landscape is painted across the sensual waist and buttocks of a seated woman, whose body provides an hour-glass shaped canvas. This visually sublime and conceptually powerful realist oil painting is by one of the most famous painters, photographers and performance artists in China, Huang Yan. Huang Yan is internationally renowned for redefining the "human body as a canvas". This exciting work belongs to his new series of large-scale oil paintings whose images are sourced from his own, earlier celebrated photographic works of the human body as canvas. This new series of large-scale oil paintings are a very rare and highly important additions to the artist's oeuvre, as he has only painted a handful of these works to-date.

In this painting Huang disproves the assumption that the human figure must always take the role of subject. In fact, this stunning work encapsulates what makes Huang so important, as it is a synthesis of a traditional Chinese landscape painted in a contemporary setting on a human body, thus creating a unique and fresh conceptual context. With these new oil paintings, Huang continues to find different ways to encourage the viewer to ask whether the human figure is a passive backdrop for the real artwork- the painted landscape- or whether the figure is the subject of the artwork itself?

Huang Yan is highly sought-after by collectors and curators alike and has for decades been the subject of important solo and group show, including: 100 International Artists at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, 2005, Italy; Between the Past and the Future at the International Center of Photography, 2004, NYC; Guangzhou Triennial Exhibition at the Guangdong Museum of Art, 2002; 1st Chinese Art Triennial, Guangzhou Art Museum, 2002; Canton Triennial, Canton Museum of Fine Arts, 2002, China; The Turn of the Century: Exhibition of Chinese Art 1979-1999, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, 1999, China; The East is Red, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1999, London UK. Huang Yan graduated from the Changchun Normal Academy, China in 1987. The artist lives and works in Beijing, China.
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Additional Market Information

Please note listed auction comparables are for PHOTGRAPHS from which this oil painting is connected. Works listed are to reflect Huang Yan's popularity on the secondary market for minor paintings and photographs from 2008 to present.

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