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G.R. Iranna (Indian, b.1970)
LOT ID: 67015
Untitled, 2005

Acrylic, on canvas
66.5 х 52 in. (168.91 x 132.08 cm.)
Signed, and dated on front of work. Signed and dated again on verso.
Lot description
A human figure balances serenely in a Yogic shoulder-stand, counterbalancing the ambiguous, and possibly threatening, saucer-like form that hovers above. Washes and drips of jewel-toned greens and blues, overlaid on light pinks and yellows, form an abstract background in this large and iconic acrylic painting by famous Contemporary Indian artist G.R. Iranna. This work is unframed and in excellent condition.

Indian painter and sculptor G.R. Iranna (Sindgi, Bijapur, Karnataka, 1970) creates surreal narratives and figural works that present visual manifestations of harmony versus conflict, tolerance versus resistance. Creating archetypal figures to represent the plight of humankind, Iranna conveys the existential crisis and mythic importance that transcend beyond an everyday reality. The artist received his BFA from the College of Visual Arts in Gulbarga, Iranna and his MFA from Delhi College of Art. Iranna’s works can be found in the world's top Private and Public Museum collections, including:
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal
Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
SAM Museum, USA,
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
David Robert collection, London, UK
Kiran Nadar, Rajshee Pathi collection
Chester and David Harvest collection
And other private collections in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, Austria, Croatia, France, Switzerland and elsewhere.

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